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Each Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) zone is governed by a Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC). An LFCC is comprised of Federal employees and, whenever possible, members of local Federal inter-agency organizations, such as Federal Executive Boards, Federal Executive Associations or, in the absence of such organizations, self-organized associations of local Federal officials. These groups also include representatives of employee unions and other employee groups. LFCCs are overseen by the Office of Personnel Management’s Office of CFC and must comply with the CFC regulations and guidance memoranda, as well as meet the deadlines in the CFC calendar.

Below is a list of our LFCC members:

Darcey Kendl, USPS, Chair
GailAnn Lindquist, ATF, Vice-Chair
Rick Davis, JMTC, Co-Secretary
Kyle Lindemer, TSA, Co-Secretary
Terita Brent, IRS
Leonel Brodhead, MEPS
Deanne Damato, TSA
Deborah Day, JMTC
Mark Fuller, BOP
Gabriel Galloway, VA
Mary Gavin, SSA
Deb Gudlewski, JMC
Amy Hansel, NBIB
Kristi Hutchcroft, USPS
Tara Jordan, USPS
Mark Kane, USAG RIA
Rebecca Keppy, USAG RIA
Brian Klecka, IRS
Matthew Kopel, ACC-RI
Linda Loebach, AJMC
Mark Lowry, USPS
Bridgett Manteufel, GS
Gregory Middleton, ECBC
Lauren Niepert, FHA
Sue Panfil,  VA
Cathy Piwowar, SSA
Cari Retzlaff, SSA
Bob Sheehan, USPS
Wendy Sitton,  VA
Aimee Vermeulen, USA-COE
Anne Watkins, GSA