This Start Strong Toolkit has been designed to help you launch the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) and pique your colleagues’ interest in the campaign. Campaign Managers and Outreach Coordinators can implement the following activities at the agency/installation, office/unit level, or Zone level.

Plan and Implement a Start Strong Event

The toolkit includes two fun engagement activities: a paper football kicking contest and a Find Your Cause quiz. You can gather people together for a specific CFC event (where you might also include guest speakers from local charities) or plan to implement these activities as a supplement to a regularly scheduled meeting. Use the StartStrong_EventInvite email to encourage your colleagues to attend your event. For an extra boost, as your leadership to send it!

How to implement the football kicking contest. Ensure you have printed enough Football Templates for all attendees and that you have scissors on hand. Allow everyone to create a paper football. You can use this time to talk about the CFC. Once the footballs are ready, have each participant take a turn “kicking” the football from the same starting point. The football that flies the farthest wins! You can take a photo of the winner and award a prize

How to implement the Find Your Cause quiz. Distribute the quiz to each participant and allow them to read through and answer the questions. Then read the Cause Quiz Results page aloud to the group. Distribute the Donor Card: Cause Boards to everyone and have them write in their cause (it doesn’t have to be the cause they identified during the quiz). Post the causes together on a Cause Wall or encourage attendees to take the Cause Boards and post them at their desks or workstations. You can even encourage people to take selfies or group photos holding their causes.

Promote the Start Strong Period

Typically, this is during the first week of the campaign, but it doesn’t have to be. Use the social media resources and the Social Media Posting Instructions published in the Start Strong Toolkit to promote the launch of the CFC. You can email the Find Your Cause Quiz to the colleagues who were not able to attend your event and the follow up the next day by sending them the Results page. Use the Start Strong Press Release in your local newsletter or intranet site.

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